About Our PAC

Greater Wisconsin Political Action Committee was established in 2004 to help elect leaders who share our goals of advancing a progressive public policy agenda.

That agenda includes affordable and accessible health care for all, jobs that provide a living wage, quality education, tax fairness, a clean environment, strong ethical standards for our elected officials and other issues of social and economic justice.

Scott Walker’s union busting, job killing, anti-middle class policies have kicked off an incredible amount of engagement and participation among the citizens of our state. Despite the horrible ramifications of Scott Walker’s policies, they have only strengthened our progressive resolve to fight back.

Currently, we are focusing our work on taking back the state legislature and protecting the seats of the courageous Democrats who fought so hard against Walker and the GOP’s irresponsible policies. We at GW PAC believe that we can balance the budget without Wisconsin’s working families and schoolchildren being unfairly impacted, while big corporations and special interests benefit.

GW PAC will put your contributions to work where they will do the most good in elections. We will work with progressive allies to meet the challenge of the Right head-on.

As a Political Action Committee registered with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, GWPAC files regular reports disclosing our donors and expenses. You can visit http://cfis.wi.gov/ to view reports filed by us and by other Political Action Committees active in Wisconsin.